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RAYCHEM Pipe Freeze Protection

Use pipe freeze protection to help prevent the damage caused by frozen and burst pipes

In cold locations, thermal insulation alone cannot keep water pipes from freezing. Freezing temperatures cause pipes to burst.

A pipe freeze protection system can prevent fluids like general water piping and fire sprinkler piping from freezing in the pipes.

Reliable freeze protection solutions

nVent RAYCHEM electric heat-trace cables keep non-flowing water from freezing in pipes, pumps and associated equipment by replacing the heat lost through the thermal insulation.

Our heat-tracing technology provides heat where it is needed - without worry of overheating. Our comprehensive range of electrical heat-trace cables are versatile as well, with the flexibility to be used in commercial, residential, industrial and even hazardous environments.

Comprehensive technology

Our line of pipe freeze protection solutions includes technologies such as:

  • Self-regulating technology: cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes of the pipe. 
  • Power-limiting technology: ideal for pipe freeze protection applications requiring high power output and/or high-temperature exposure. 
  • Mineral insulated technology: Used for high power output, high exposure temperatures, or extreme resistance to environmental corrosives.


Simple design with solutions for every application

Our design tools make designing a pipe freeze protection system easy.  No matter what the project may require, there's an Vent RAYCHEM solution tailored to every application to best suit your needs.

Easy installation and maintenance

Our connection kits ensure reduced installation time onsite, long lasting reliable connections, and increased safety. This allows for less time and cost spent on both installation and maintenance.

Reduce operating energy usage by up to 80%

Self-regulating heating cables adjust their power output in response to ambient temperatures. Complete your heat tracing system with nVent's RAYCHEM control and monitoring solutions and drastically reduce energy usage. 

Design Tools (Commercial)

TraceCalc for Buildings


Design Tools (Industrial)

TraceCalc Pro 

Systems In Action

See nVent's RAYCHEM Pipe Freeze Protection systems in action and see how we provide best-in-class solutions.

Systems In Action

See nVent's RAYCHEM Pipe Freeze Protection systems in action and see how we provide best-in-class solutions.

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