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Compression-Only Splices

Save time and money with our proven nVent LENTON Speed Sleeve splices for reinforced concrete

nVent LENTON Speed Sleeve mechanical splices for compression-only applications are globally proven to provide simplified, one-person installation using only a lightweight wrench.

The small dimensions of the sleeve generally eliminate the need for additional concrete cover on the reinforcement while providing a forgiving and secure connection.


  • Installs in seconds 
  • Self-supporting, requiring no tack welding
  • Works well on bundled bars
  • Easily removed and reused if necessary
  • Compensates for rebar size variation and out-of-roundness
  • Maintains positive end bearing without depending on the weight of the rebar to keep the ends in contact

At nVent, our strength gives you strength in your concrete reinforcement applications. All nVent LENTON products are specially engineered to help you reduce labor and material costs—while keeping your projects on time, on budget and up to code.

nVent LENTON Speed Sleeve Brochure

nVent LENTON Speed Sleeve Brochure

Get product details and specification and installation information.

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