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Heat Exchangers

Protect your critical controls from damaging heat

nVent HOFFMAN's heat exchangers help maximize equipment lifespans by transferring heat from inside the enclosure to the outside atmosphere. They are ideal for applications in which electronics can operate at a temperature above ambient air temperature. They operate as a closed-loop system and are compressor-free, so require less energy and maintenance than an air conditioner. HOFFMAN’s reliable, easy-to-install heat exchangers comply with global standards for rugged indoor and outdoor applications, and come in a variety of power inputs, materials, finishes and type ratings.

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See nVent HOFFMAN's thermal auditing capabilities in action

Learn more about the variety of available solutions, and how to get a free thermal audit in your facility from one of our global specialists.

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Find the right heat exchanger

Use our Cooling Selection Tool to find the best solution for your specific application.

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Is a heat exchanger right for your application?

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