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Safely transfer energy to the ground with conductors

Grounding conductors are designed to handle the high current, short duration electrical current flows of a lightning strike or ground-faults. Proper sizing for your application protects your people and equipment.

nVent ERICO conductors are purposefully engineered based on material composition and dimensional requirements defined in standards. We offer conductors with aluminum, copper and tinned copper stranding, solid copper, copper-bonded steel, and theft deterrent. We can provide standard spool lengths or cut to order.


  • Code and standard compliance
  • Material and design flexibility
  • Proven lightning strike protection

nVent ERICO aims to protect people, processes and facilities from costly and potentially dangerous electrical disturbances. Our products are proven in the field to simplify installation while saving time and resources.

nVent ERICO Grounding, Bonding and Cadweld Solutions Guide

nVent ERICO Grounding, Bonding and Cadweld Solutions Guide

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